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BimmerTech Authorized Dealer

As BimmerTech Authorized Dealer, we are proud to offer the expertise in the full range of retrofits, from identifying the right product to suit your needs to offering great after-sales support.

We’re proud to offer our customers BimmerTech’s range of top-of-the-line BMW retrofits. Each has been designed specifically for BMWs, for optimum performance in your car.

As an Authorized BimmerTech Dealer, Bavarian Machine Specialties is the perfect choice to help you make the most of your BMW.

From the very beginning, BimmerTech has set the standard in OEM retrofits not available anywhere else.  The days of lamenting that your car is missing a particular option and the dealer is of no help are over.

Constant and extensive R&D allows BimmerTech to offer the most innovative solutions to any OEM retrofit.

BimmerTech uses only tested and proven OEM parts. For those extreme cases for which there are no OEM parts available we use the highest quality aftermarket parts, guaranteeing a hassle-free installation. And with the highest customer service and support possible, we can guarantee 100% customer satisfaction.

BimmerTech was established with the sole purpose of providing BMW owners with the most advanced and up-to-date OEM retrofits, coding and software updates not commonly available anywhere else. With more than 10 years of professional experience, our team of software and hardware engineers, technicians and, above all, BMW enthusiasts are dedicated to the complete understanding and expertise of BMW electronics and software.

BimmerTech products are seamlessly integrated to each vehicle like they were factory-installed – even when they are actually not factory-available as retrofits. From complete 4th Generation iDrive CIC retrofits to the latest BMW Apps, BMW Live and Internet features, our expertise in surpassing customers’ expectations in product performance, installations and service quality has been our job from day one.

BimmerTech customer service, warranty and aftersales support are exceptional.

BimmerTech uses only OEM tried and proven parts and software to guarantee that your BMW will just be a much better equipped BMW.

Make your BMW a BimmerTech BMW…

Did You Know?

  • We offer a shuttle service to work or home within a 6 mile radius of the shop
  • We perform a 14 point safety check whenever your car is repaired
  • We clean and hand wash your car whenever it is serviced or repaired (time and weather permitting)
  • We offer a complete detail service that is also available on the weekends
  • All our work is backed by a 24 month, unlimited mileage warranty
  • We provide a priority future work assessment as well as track problem items whenever your car is in the shop
  • We will send you service and repair reminders to stay ahead of potential reliability problems
  • For your convenience, cars can be dropped off or picked up before or after shop hours including weekends
  • We perform complimentary basic service items such as bulb replacement, fluid top up, tire pressure adjustments and trip checks
  • We have an oil change policy that is both convenient and cost effective (see our policy to change your oil)
  • We can tailor a sensible maintenance program to your individual driving habits
  • We are an authorized Bosch service center and as such are recognized by BMW and Bosch to perform factory warranty repair on all Bosch systems in your car
  • We perform additional service and maintenance for cars during the warranty period
  • We perform pre-buyer inspections to help avoid buying a problem car
  • We work with most aftermarket extended warranty companies
  • We provide aftermarket extended warranty assessments to help you decide which company and program are best suited for your BMW
  • We routinely advise customers nearing the end of the factory warranty period about potential problems that should be dealt with by the dealer prior to losing the warranty coverage

Can You Change the Destiny of Your BMW?

The answer is yes you can!

Long term, dependable ownership is becoming a thing of the past. A false sense of confidence from a sales pitch has replaced it. Longer service agreement periods with a minimalist approach to maintenance lulls you into the mindset that your complicated BMW doesn’t need sensible attention. What you are assured of is a destiny capped with frustration and needless expense after the warranty period.

Finding people who have a forward thinking approach to your BMW is the key. People, who don’t work by the restrictions of a flat rate book. People, who have the concentrated expertise, special tools and training to predict what will be needed, not just fix what is broken.

You won’t find this kind of philosophy where you bought the car, nor at the chain store express lube. There are those of us who can help protect the investment you have made. If you share our philosophy come visit us because maintaining what you have is always less expensive than the alternative.