Tech Tip #7 – Steering Angle Sensor Alert

It’s inevitable your BMW will eventually require an alignment. It is advisable to check or adjust your BMW’s alignment every 2 -3 years because of wear in suspension or steering components. There are a wide variety of shops that offer this service but you should choose wisely. Recently, we have seen a disturbing oversight on a majority of cars as a direct result of alignments performed at shops with out the proper knowledge of one key component. These alignments have been lacking one crucial step that leaves the car unable to react according to operating parameters designed to help you maintain control.

As part of a complete alignment, the Steering Angle Sensor should be checked and a majority of the time recalibrated for proper operation. This sensor is an integral part of all late model BMW’s (99->) with DSC (Dynamic Stability Control) or DTC (Dynamic Traction Control). Without accurate calibration, your BMW will not react properly during panic braking, skidding, or any evasive maneuvering. Make sure anyone who attempts to align your BMW is aware of the Steering Angle Sensor and capable of performing the proper calibration (specialized equipment required).

If you have had an alignment performed on your BMW in the past but are not sure if the Steering Angle Sensor was calibrated, there is an inexpensive test we can perform to verify that your safety is not in jeopardy.

If you are interested in more information on alignment/steering issues, see the Tech Article section for the “Round and Round We Go” article.