Tech Tip #3 – AC Operation

It’s hot outside! Your BMW’s AC is working hard to keep you cool. Unfortunately, our daily climate in Texas is considered a severe AC system duty area. AC systems are overworked and wear out sooner than expected. A few simple suggestions will help the AC system’s efficiency and longevity.

First, make sure the AC/Heat bias regulator dial, located in the center dash vent, is always on three blue dots.

Second, the AC system should be operated in the recirculation mode by pushing the recirculation button (circular arrow button without the ‘A’). This will close off the hot ambient air, normally allowed to infiltrate the cabin. If the air conditioner is allowed to cool just recirculated air, the cabin will cool down faster and ultimately be much cooler.

Third, the AC system programming is set at the factory to a normal setting for all North American cars. The AC system can be re-programmed to accept a new setting for “hot country” which will bias the AC system sensors, mixture flaps and air flow for maximum cooling.

Ideally, you should follow these steps to make the AC system as efficient as possible. The ultimate benefit will be an AC system that will be able to cycle off more frequently and therefore last longer without repair.