Tech Tip #2 – Check Engine Light

As with a number of components in your BMW, the engine’s performance and operation is constantly being monitored. Depending on your BMW’s year and model, an engine problem will be brought to your attention via an indicator in the instrument cluster and will be displayed as one of the following:

  • The Outline Symbol of an Engine

This indicator will always display when the car is first turned on to let you know it’s working. It should never be displayed when the engine is running. If it is, there is a potentially serious running problem that should not be ignored even if the car still starts and runs. Unfortunately, this telltale light will only come on after a problem has existed for a period of time. It is a last resort “cry for help” from the engine management system which can no longer substitute a value or compensate for the problem.

The source of the problem must be diagnosed by starting with an interrogation of the engine management system to read out and interpret the stored faults.