Many performance upgrades, custom modifications or repair of expensive automotive components requires welding for a proper outcome and permanent result. Our welding services include:

TIG Welding (Aluminum)

  • Cylinder head repair
    • Corrosion of coolant ports
    • Combustion chamber damage
    • External cracks or impact damage
  • Transmission or bell-housing modification or repair
  • Supercharger or turbo intake tubing
  • Radiator or inter-coolers

Note: We also utilize pre and post heating for all aluminum component welding in our 1200E oven

TIG Welding (Stainless Steel)

  • Complete mandrel bent exhaust systems
  • Performance muffler installation (instead of using clamps that eventually leak and allow shifting of exhaust)
  • Aftermarket or performance exhaust system repair, cracks or broken hanger brackets
  • Installation of performance catalytic converters into stock systems including new-style metallic substrate catalytic converters

Note: Welding with mild steel to 304 stainless or even O.E. low grade stainless alloy exhaust systems will only crack again which is why we tig weld all stainless steel exhausts. Back purging the exhaust pipes during the weld process is also employed.

TIG Welding (Mild Steel)

  • Harness bar installation
  • Seam and body strengthening
  • Custom shift linkage or engine bracketry

MIG Welding (Mild Steel)

  • Body Repair or Strengthening
    • E36, Z3, E46 Rear shock mounts
    • E24, E36, Z3, E46 Rear sub-frame supports
    • E24, E28, E9, E3 steering box mounting repair
    • E30 front crossmember motor mount support gussets
    • E30 front and rear sway bar mounting gussets
    • Transmission conversion crossmember relocation
    • E46, E34, E24, E28, E3 door brake mounting repair
    • Z3 inner door skin window regulator crack repair
    • E36 jack mounting support repair
  • Track car seat mounting reinforcement
  • Track car seat harness mounting point reinforcement
  • Original equipment seat frame repair
  • Battery tray rust out replacement
  • Brake backing plate rattle repair (without removal of bearing and hub)

Arc Welding (Heavy Duty Mild & Stainless Steel)

Plasma Arc Cutting (Cutting of Mild Steel, Aluminum, Stainless Steel)


  • Brazing
  • Silver soldering
  • Cutting of mild steel
  • spot heating

Plastic Welding

  • Body trim
  • Interior trim
  • Bumpers and bumper covers

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