Oil Changes

An oil change is more than just an oil change. We want to share with you, as a valued customer, the development of our policy to change your oil.

We know quick lube businesses and coupon specials can be tempting. However, we have seen the results of poor work done on BMWs, even on jobs as simple as oil changes. Too many of our customers have come in with –

  • The wrong type or weight of oil
  • Oil filters that were poor quality, wrong or had not been changed at all
  • Drain plugs that were about to fall out or were over tightened and stripped out
  • Crush seals that had not been replaced which creates oil leaks
  • Damaged oil filter canisters because of a lack of special tools

Some BMW owners might believe we shun such a menial task. On the contrary, a “simple oil” change is as important as any other work we perform on your BMW. In addition, seeing cars on a regular basis allows us to establish a relationship of overall care that minimizes maintenance problems. These relationships include a commitment to detail and quality service by people who only work on BMWs.

This commitment led us to our oil change policy, which offers you convenience at a reasonable price. Oil changes range in price depending on your model and type of oil. Parts and labor prices are as follows:

  • Current Models $150.00-$175.00 (1999 – current)
  • M Cars $200.00 – $275.00 (2000 – current)
  • Older Models $120.00 – $150.00

* Prices subject to change without notice.

This is not a special, but simply a part of our ongoing service to clients who share our commitment to their BMW automobiles.

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