Service & Maintenance For Your BMW

We Provide More Than Routine Service

Properly maintaining your BMW can give you years of safe, reliable and economic motoring. Unfortunately, in this era of the “disposable” society, it has become increasingly more difficult to find a service facility that understands maintenance is much more than an oil change, a few filters, a belt check and topping off fluids. Compounding the problem is the general belief that the “routine service” provided by the dealer during the warranty period is sufficient. We at Bavarian Machine Specialties are intimately familiar with the consequences of comprehensive maintenance–both good and bad.

Comprehensive Maintenance

Comprehensive maintenance has two facets: the “when” (what time interval) and the “what” (the item to be serviced).

Your BMW is comprised of a myriad of metals, plastics, fluids and chemicals. Although there have been significant advances in fluids technology, materials design and construction it is important to understand that every individual part of your car, in varying degrees, exhibit wear, fatigue, degradation and contamination. Today’s synthetic oils may well retain their lubricating qualities beyond 15,000 miles, however, by 5,000 miles that synthetic oil is laced with microscopic particulates and contaminates. Engine oil is only the tip of the iceberg. Our chart of comprehensive recommended service intervals for cars using synthetic oils can be found here, while a similar chart for cars using conventional oils can be found here.

Service Sheets

To maintain consistency and thoroughness we created Service Sheets for every scheduled service that detail each step we take for any given service. Many years ago our Service Sheets were really nothing more than BMW factory recommendations. However, as costs and the demands on time increased, BMW chose to eliminate many service items. We’re convinced that doing a proper and thorough job is more important to our customers and their cars than the ideas of a marketing firm.

Feel free to download the same Service Sheets we use in our own BMW repair shop below:

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