BimmerTech Authorized Dealer

As BimmerTech Authorized Dealer, we are proud to offer the expertise in the full range of retrofits, from identifying the right product to suit your needs to offering great after-sales support.

We’re proud to offer our customers BimmerTech’s range of top-of-the-line BMW retrofits. Each has been designed specifically for BMWs, for optimum performance in your car.

As an Authorized BimmerTech Dealer, Bavarian Machine Specialties is the perfect choice to help you make the most of your BMW.

From the very beginning, BimmerTech has set the standard in OEM retrofits not available anywhere else.  The days of lamenting that your car is missing a particular option and the dealer is of no help are over.

Constant and extensive R&D allows BimmerTech to offer the most innovative solutions to any OEM retrofit.

BimmerTech uses only tested and proven OEM parts. For those extreme cases for which there are no OEM parts available we use the highest quality aftermarket parts, guaranteeing a hassle-free installation. And with the highest customer service and support possible, we can guarantee 100% customer satisfaction.

BimmerTech was established with the sole purpose of providing BMW owners with the most advanced and up-to-date OEM retrofits, coding and software updates not commonly available anywhere else. With more than 10 years of professional experience, our team of software and hardware engineers, technicians and, above all, BMW enthusiasts are dedicated to the complete understanding and expertise of BMW electronics and software.

BimmerTech products are seamlessly integrated to each vehicle like they were factory-installed – even when they are actually not factory-available as retrofits. From complete 4th Generation iDrive CIC retrofits to the latest BMW Apps, BMW Live and Internet features, our expertise in surpassing customers’ expectations in product performance, installations and service quality has been our job from day one.

BimmerTech customer service, warranty and aftersales support are exceptional.

BimmerTech uses only OEM tried and proven parts and software to guarantee that your BMW will just be a much better equipped BMW.

Make your BMW a BimmerTech BMW…

Current Specials & Coupons

Print this page and bring to your appointment!

$20 Off Oil Change

One time use only.

$25 Off Cooling System Service & Radiator Flush

One time use only.

$35 Off 2-Wheel Brake Job

One time use only.

$70 Off 4-Wheel Brake Job

Free Wheel Balancing. One time use only.

$79 Priority Checkout

on Complete Vehicle Inspection Service. One time use only.

* Regular Priority Checkout inspection price is $125-$250 depending on year. Coupon valid for year models 2000 to present.

20% Discount on any other Service & Repair *

up to $250 discount. One time use only.
* Not applicable for oil changes

Did You Know?

  • We offer a shuttle service to work or home within a 6 mile radius of the shop
  • We perform a 14 point safety check whenever your car is repaired
  • We clean and hand wash your car whenever it is serviced or repaired (time and weather permitting)
  • We offer a complete detail service that is also available on the weekends
  • All our work is backed by a 24 month, unlimited mileage warranty
  • We provide a priority future work assessment as well as track problem items whenever your car is in the shop
  • We will send you service and repair reminders to stay ahead of potential reliability problems
  • For your convenience, cars can be dropped off or picked up before or after shop hours including weekends
  • We perform complimentary basic service items such as bulb replacement, fluid top up, tire pressure adjustments and trip checks
  • We have an oil change policy that is both convenient and cost effective (see our policy to change your oil)
  • We can tailor a sensible maintenance program to your individual driving habits
  • We are an authorized Bosch service center and as such are recognized by BMW and Bosch to perform factory warranty repair on all Bosch systems in your car
  • We perform additional service and maintenance for cars during the warranty period
  • We perform pre-buyer inspections to help avoid buying a problem car
  • We work with most aftermarket extended warranty companies
  • We provide aftermarket extended warranty assessments to help you decide which company and program are best suited for your BMW
  • We routinely advise customers nearing the end of the factory warranty period about potential problems that should be dealt with by the dealer prior to losing the warranty coverage

Can You Change the Destiny of Your BMW?

The answer is yes you can!

Long term, dependable ownership is becoming a thing of the past. A false sense of confidence from a sales pitch has replaced it. Longer service agreement periods with a minimalist approach to maintenance lulls you into the mindset that your complicated BMW doesn’t need sensible attention. What you are assured of is a destiny capped with frustration and needless expense after the warranty period.

Finding people who have a forward thinking approach to your BMW is the key. People, who don’t work by the restrictions of a flat rate book. People, who have the concentrated expertise, special tools and training to predict what will be needed, not just fix what is broken.

You won’t find this kind of philosophy where you bought the car, nor at the chain store express lube. There are those of us who can help protect the investment you have made. If you share our philosophy come visit us because maintaining what you have is always less expensive than the alternative.

Maintenance Schedules

Dear BMW Owner,

Perhaps the title for this letter should be “Where has all the service gone?”

Traditionally, BMW has provided comprehensive maintenance recommendations for the life of the car. Unfortunately, that tradition has changed. Current recommended service maintenance intervals have been extended in an effort to reduce the front-end costs of ownership to new buyers, and to eliminate these expenses to those who intend to keep the car only during the warranty period.

What does this mean for you? For those who wish to enjoy their BMW outside of the warranty period, these “abbreviated” service recommendations will not only cost you more money over the life of the car, it will also decrease its overall reliability and, unfortunately, its potential resale value.

We at Bavarian Machine Specialties believe that the BMW engineers designed and built your car to provide the Ultimate Driving Experience for 200,000-miles and beyond, provided it receives the maintenance attention it deserves. We will always assume that, as our customer, your intention is to own your BMW indefinitely, and that in doing so, you have made a sound economic decision.

Each time we see your BMW you will not only receive factory recommended service, but perhaps more importantly, based upon our experience and expertise your car will receive attention and service maintenance to those problem areas and failure points seen in cars outside the warranty period.

We want you to enjoy your BMW as much as we do ours and therefore, we have provided our suggested maintenance schedule for your convenience.

If you have any questions concerning recommended service or any other maintenance and repairs items for your BMW, please feel free to ask.
Sincerely yours,

Mike Perkins

Tech Tip #9 – Alternator Care

If you have ever had to replace an alternator sooner than you thought was normal, you may have had a hand in causing it’s demise. The most common reason for premature alternator failure is overheating. In an earlier tech article, I stressed the importance of adequate cooling of the alternator by keeping the alternator air ducting clear. However, there is another seemingly innocent way of causing an alternator overheat situation that can adversely affect both water and air cooled alternators alike.
Any time when your car does not crank over and you get “a jump” you might be thinking “Well, the battery will re-charge while I’m driving”. You might be right but you are also risking an expensive future breakdown. The alternator may even provide enough surface charge to the battery to provide enough power to start the engine the next time it is needed. However, asking the alternator to run at peak output for an extended period of time will guarantee an overheated alternator and eventual failure. The alternator is intended to maintain the car’s electrical system, not act as a battery charger.

As a final note, even when replacing the battery, make sure the new battery is fully charged so you don’t end up replacing the alternator next.

Tech Tip #8 – Brake Hose Failure

Owners should be aware of a potentially serious brake system failure. The problem occurs when a main brake pressure hose section from the ABS/ASC/DSC hydraulic control unit ruptures and causes the brake system to loose hydraulic pressure.

Due to age and thermal exposure to engine exhaust manifold heat this particular brake hose section slowly deteriorates. Under braking pressure, at the point when most needed, the hose failure occurs. We at Bavarian Machine Specialties have seen a number of these failures and have also identified many potential problems during our thorough routine maintenance program. The problem is most likely to occur on cars older than 7 years with more than 60,000 miles. A recommended inspection of these hoses is strongly advised and can be easily accomplished.

The hoses are located along the passenger side fenderwell (see picture) and can be assessed without removal of any components. The parts and labor costs to replace these hoses is fairly inexpensive and well worth the assurance that the brakes will not fail. The brake hydraulic system must be re-bled after the hoses are replaced and in addition the cycling of the ABS hydraulic unit solenoids must be carried out. As an added level of protection, when the hoses are replaced, we at Bavarian Machine Specialties install an outer heat barrier sleeve to protect the new hoses and prevent the problem from occurring again.



Tech Tip #7 – Steering Angle Sensor Alert

It’s inevitable your BMW will eventually require an alignment. It is advisable to check or adjust your BMW’s alignment every 2 -3 years because of wear in suspension or steering components. There are a wide variety of shops that offer this service but you should choose wisely. Recently, we have seen a disturbing oversight on a majority of cars as a direct result of alignments performed at shops with out the proper knowledge of one key component. These alignments have been lacking one crucial step that leaves the car unable to react according to operating parameters designed to help you maintain control.

As part of a complete alignment, the Steering Angle Sensor should be checked and a majority of the time recalibrated for proper operation. This sensor is an integral part of all late model BMW’s (99->) with DSC (Dynamic Stability Control) or DTC (Dynamic Traction Control). Without accurate calibration, your BMW will not react properly during panic braking, skidding, or any evasive maneuvering. Make sure anyone who attempts to align your BMW is aware of the Steering Angle Sensor and capable of performing the proper calibration (specialized equipment required).

If you have had an alignment performed on your BMW in the past but are not sure if the Steering Angle Sensor was calibrated, there is an inexpensive test we can perform to verify that your safety is not in jeopardy.

If you are interested in more information on alignment/steering issues, see the Tech Article section for the “Round and Round We Go” article.

Tech Tip #6 – Coding Choices for Your BMW

BMW’s are coded from the factory with standard settings for car and key memory. These memory functions control settings of basic options for locking, displays, windows, sunroof, lighting, wipers, seats, cruise control, AC & heating, and the alarm system to name a few.

View a sample printout

More likely than not, many of these memory functions can be changed to better suit your needs. As examples, maybe you would like the doors to automatically lock as you drive away; or, you would like the Rain/Light sensor to be more or less sensitive.

Tech Tip #5 – Cooling System Failures

Even though it’s cold outside, your engine can still overheat. Engine cooling systems are sometimes more susceptible to sudden failure during winter months. Colder ambient temperatures and sudden temperature changes adversely affect seals, hose connections and plastic parts. Equally susceptible are thermostats that can stick and cause intermittent overheat situations (see past tech tips for additional thermostat information).

If you notice a small leak under your car or a low coolant level indicator, do not hesitate to have it checked out. Failure to rectify a seemingly insignificant coolant loss can lead to costly repair.

Never drive your BMW in an overheated condition. Driving with the temperature gauge in the red for even two minutes will compromise your engine head gasket. Driving a further distance will severely damage the engine.

For more info about cooling systems, read Mike’s article on plastic embrittlement.

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