Houston BMW Service & Performance Modification

Craftsmanship. Integrity. Curiosity.

Providing service, parts and performance modifications exclusively for BMWs in Houston TX since 1980.

Our Philosophy

Give it Attention Before it Breaks.
Address the Problem, not the Symptom.
Think Solve rather than Replace

More Than the Commute

For some, a BMW is more than a commuter device. It is an experience in engineering, design and construction. We embrace this mind set and offer an expertise of commitment based on our passion for the marque.

About Bavarian Machine Specialties

Our Houston BMW service and repair is independently owned, not a dealer. We offer more personal attention to each customer and their BMW.  Our BMW technicians have decades of experience collectively, and understand what it means to do have stellar workmanship.  We know how you feel about your BMW because we know how we feel about ours. Our goal will always be to ensure the long-term dependable ownership of your BMW. Our shop is not a “catch all” for German Auto Repair or European Auto Repair; our shop is dedicated to BMWs.

Houston BMW Parts, Service & Performance